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Family law

Adultery is no longer a punishable offence, but demonstrating the infidelity of a spouse can help within the framework of divorce proceedings. 

We can carry out the necessary investigation activities, collect evidence and provide a detailed report that can be used as an exhibit in civil proceedings. We also work together with judicial officers to have the necessary legal findings made so that you have a strong case in court.

Is the former partner asking for a high maintenance allowance while there are strong suspicions that he or she is already living with a new partner? As a licensed private investigator, we are able to gather information about persons, including their financial situation.

We can collect the necessary evidence concerning failure to respect a visitation scheme, as well as check whether care is being taken for the children by an ex-partner or by his or her new partner. Moreover, parental access rights are a personal right. Here again an intervention on our part can play to your advantage.

If there are doubts about a new partner chosen by a son or daughter, suspicions that he or she is not who they claim they are, you can contact us to carry out a background check on this person. As licensed private investigator, in accordance with the law regulating the profession of private investigator, we are able to gather information about persons with respect to marital status, behaviour, morality and financial situation.

Stalking can have a profound impact on daily life when one suffers from unwanted attention, receive unwanted messages or even abuse through, for example, unwelcome visits, being followed, letters, telephone calls, text messages or e-mails. The internet and social networking sites make it very easy to (cyber) stalk someone. Harassment of family, friends or loved ones is also an indirect form of stalking. Unfortunately this is often not a priority for the police or public prosecutor’s office, and they usually do not intervene until the situation is completely out of hand. We can do what is needed to identify the stalker and make the necessary observations to build up a strong case in support of your complaint and obtain legal measures through the judicial authorities.